Top 5 Best Outdoor Speakers Revealed

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outdoor speaker reviewsSo what do you look for in the best outdoor speaker reviewsand how do outdoor speakers differ from traditional indoor speakers?

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Obviously outdoor speakers have to compete with outside influences such as the wind and rain but also like birds, insects, traffic and even your neighbors music!

When listening to music in the great outdoors, music produced by conventional speakers can sound tinny and weak so as a result it is vital to choose speakers with a potent low end (bass) response or more preferably speakers with a dedicated subwoofer.

You also have to think about other important factors like durability and placement. While many outdoor speaker reviews will have manufacturers claiming that their product can go the distance, the reality may be that they don’t last long at all.

To give you the best opportunity of finding a good pair, a selection of great performing 5 outdoor speakers are listed below.

outdoor speaker reviews

Yamaha NS-AW570WH speakers

Rating: ★★★★½

These outdoor speakers have a dual-tweeter for mid and high range frequencies. Basically you get an increased response range for your audio enjoyment and less chance of interference from the output of the sub woofer.

These speakers are quite compact  and weigh only 5.1 pounds, making them ideal for wall mounted use under a patio. The only downside with the NS-AW570WH speakers is their low sensitivity, meaning you need to use extra power to get high volumes.

yamaha ns-aw390whYamaha NS-AW390WH 2-Way Speakers

Rating: ★★★★½

The NS-AW390WH speakers are similar to the speakers above in that they have a wide frequency response range yet low sensitivity. However they differ in the fact that they only have one tweeter, which is partly compensated for by a decent subwoofer to give the sound more grunt.

Many outdoor speaker reviews will mention the fact that these ones have one of the best frequency response ranges of any system (55Hz to 40kHz) which means you can pick up small details and other intricacies that are included in songs to make them sound more full, layered and rich.

These Yamaha speakers are also light at 4.9 pounds each and have adjustable wall mounting brackets, giving you added flexibility when you go to position them in your backyard.

polk audio atrium 55 speakersPolk Audio Atrium 55 all weather speakers

Rating: ★★★★☆

These Polk Audio speakers are more expensive than their Yamaha counterparts but they offer increased protection from the elements and they are more sensitive to changes in volume, meaning you can fill your whole yard with your favorite tunes without having to battle against mother nature.

Aside from their price and bulk (weighing in at 7 pounds), the frequency response is lacking at the very low and very high ends, but I dare say it will be adequate enough for the casual to semi-serious listener.

They also come with a 5 year warranty and dedicated customer support from Polk Audio – who are great at dealing with your queries and concerns.

Dual-LU43PB-Indoor-Outdoor-SpeakersDual LU43PB Indoor-Outdoor Speakers

Rating: ★★★½☆

The biggest selling point of these Dual speakers has to be their price and value for money. While they probably won’t satisfy serious audiophiles they will be good enough for the casual outdoors listener who entertains occasionally.

People who already own these outdoor speakers have commented that they aren’t the best indoors but with setup outdoors under the correct specifications, they produce good high and low end sound and little distortion.

The LU43PB speakers are probably best suited to people who live in harsh climates like near lakes, oceans or in wet climates where you want a cheap but reliable set of speakers to use when the occasion calls for it.

Polk-Audio-RC80i-Ceiling-SpeakersPolk Audio RC80i Ceiling Speakers

Rating: ★★★★☆

While the RC80i ceiling speakers are not perhaps dedicated indoor-outdoor equipment, I thought they deserved a mention because of their highly favorable reviews and the fact that they are mounted into the ceiling and not obviously visible.

The installation of these speakers is quite easy considering a hole has to be cut in the ceiling (don’t let it put you off) and users have reported that they breathe new life into any room of the home.

You could easily place these speakers under eaves or under your patio also, and the directional tweaters further enhance the superb feeling in your ears that you will get from listening to these Polk Audio speakers.

It is clear then that there are compromises to be made when reading outdoor speaker reviews. It is always going to be a balancing act of size, price, audio output and technical and customer support.

Hopefully by reading this post you have a good foundation to start the buying process.

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