SuperSonic SC-3311 Stereo System Review

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This brand, SuperSonic, is not the typical audio equipment ¬†company I like to take an interest in. But they recently made this unit available for purchase again and because its entire “career” was so controversial I thought of giving it a look, just for fun.

This is not my usual recommended product reviews, this was strictly done for my own interest, so bare with me.

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This product can be purchased from a large number of retailers both online and offline; since it's release about 4-5 years ago it hasn't seen any real popularity within any customer age group; so I guess finding one won't be so hard. It was recently made available for purchase again, at Amazon on April 11, 2013; but apparently is again "Currently unavailable."

Although I don't think it was sold out in its first days back on the shelves at Amazon, I really took an interest in to whom might buy such a "unusual" looking contraption. I guess this product would appeal to those people who found themselves in their childhood years during the '80s, when the future "looked" like this in every SF movie.

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Personally I don't find this music player/alarm clock very appealing, nor find it visually pleasant. But you can never judge or give into another man's tastes. As for features, this SuperSonic SC-3311 Stereo System presents itself with the most basic needs; CD player, AM/FM radio and alarm clock. The sound, although I didn't believe it at first, is surprisingly good for its size and stature. Another thing that was a shock to me, was the fact that it's actually well-built; from every photo I saw it seemed like a cheap piece of plastic glued together. Basically, this unit will serve those that like its design features and a need a decent, durable CD player.

This is no unit for an audiophile or someone looking to enjoy high-fidelity music. If you need a "futuristic" looking alarm clock, this might be the unit for you, if not check out other music players for something that fits your budget and needs.

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