Subjekt TNT-QM1250 TNT Headphones Review

Subjekt TNT-QM1250 TNT Headphones Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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For the last couple of days I’ve been debating between a few headphones I should review. I haven’t reviewed a pair of headphones or something similar for a while now, and needed to cover that audio arena as well. Finally I’ve narrowed down the entire list to just two items, the one I’ll be reviewing today which is the Subjekt TNT-QM1250 TNT Headphones and a much higher-priced unit, Velodyne 80-VFREES Bluetooth Headphones.

The reason I decided to go with the Subjekt headphones, is mainly because I always proud myself with introducing affordable, quality audio equipment which more people can enjoy and have access to.

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This unit was introduced on the market last year, and although it's not really "hot" right now, it seems to have some really satisfied users who not only share their thoughts with the world but actually feel obliged to do it. This unit is currently available on most big online retailers' websites; its availability is not an issue.

Personally I really like their marketing angle and I think they speak the truth. These headphones are designed to benefit smart individuals who love quality sound and don't need validation from others to enjoy a good quality, affordable piece of audio equipment. Even those with real issues and over-priced units will recognize that SUBJEKT headphones are better.

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  • Ultra light weight
  • Premium 40mm drivers ideal of all genres of music
  • No volume control

The Subjekt TNT-QM1250 TNT Headphones are advertised as delivering "rich and crystal clear sound", now if that's true or not stands with every user's perception of that statement. But what I can say is that these headphones are definitely worth the price and much more; if I had to choose, I would easily have paid around $100 for them (which is around double of their selling price right now). The sound is delivered by premium 40mm drivers. which were especially designed to deliver solid bass and crisp clear highs and mids, thus giving a full range of sounds with minimum investment. Due to the variety of sound signals and delivery this unit is capable of makes it a fantastic choice for any music genre. When talking about the audio performance we need to address the mic as well. The built in microphone is more than decent when chatting and you can use it with any compatible mobile device or gadget which presents itself with a 3.5mm audio jack.

I guess we can see from the statements above and users experiences that these Subjekt TNT-QM1250 TNT Headphones are great for music listening and chatting with frineds, but unlike other headphones which deliver quality audio performance, these are not too heavy or too tight on the head. The TNT headphones were especially designed and developed for extended use; this makes them perfect on a long trip or office time (work in general). These are super light weight (only 4.5 ounces). The headband has just the right amount of tension for pretty much any head shape and size; I don't see any users complaining about this. The padding on the headband is greatly covered by a really breathable cotton mesh, this allows you to enjoy the maximum comfort possible. This feature along with the light weight and comfortable fit, make these a great pair of headphones for everyday use.

The audio performance and comfort are not issues for this unit; quite the contrary it seems to excel in those areas. Along with its simplicity and easy-to-use feature, this units has received great reviews all around. The TNT headphones have received favorable reviews ranging from users, trusted publications, blogs and magazines for excellent overall value.

The unit comes with a 1 year warranty and world class customer service offered by Subjekt. This really tells a lot about the trust they have in their own products; each and every product has to pass through rigorous quality control tests before being packaged for sale. I highly recommend them like many others before me. I have no doubt these will outlive any buyer's expectations.

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