Sony RDPX200iP Review

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A couple of months ago, I’ve reviewed something similar to this unit, the Sony RDP-T50IPN; since then my main focus was on portable speakers and complete home cinema systems. But fortunately some people asked me to take a look at this SONY unit and see if any of my readers would be interested in hearing about this.

Honestly I’m really glad I did; SONY has always brought me a good, nostalgia feeling when I review a unit of theirs simply because it’s been with us for ages and ages. They pioneered more things than we can count in the quality audio equipment field.

Now, back to our main topic today, the Sony RDPX200iP Speaker Dock.

Build quality is very good, and the unit looks sharp.

…says user A. Kitchings. Let’s take a look at the facts and what other users say.


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Although not a newly released unit, this SONY speaker dock still sees some heavy usage and popularity due to the fact that a lot of people still rock their iPhone 4 series and classic iPods. The unit has been made available for sale at Amazon on March 7, 2012.

Since then, the Sony RDPX200iP has seen some high and lows in its career, but still holds a use ranting of 4.5 out of 5 stars; which I think is an impressive rating in a field with so many quality competitors from other established brands and companies.

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  • Charges device battery while docked
  • Larger external power brick

When it comes to sound - the most important aspect when checking out a speaker dock - this unit doesn't let down. Although I've seen some people say "average sound", I think you have to judge the unit for its purpose, not overall sound delivery compared to all other units available. That been told, I completely understand and agree you can't compare it to a multi-unit system, or even a high-end soundbar. Now, let's talk facts - this unit has an output of 40 Watts total power. The sound is delivered by component speakers and separate tweeters for a bigger impact and better audio experience. The one thing that makes the difference between this unit and other docks, is the Sony RDPX200iP's deep and heavy bass - provided by a mega-bass button feature.

Now, for streaming capabilities this unit covers pretty much any device you might have laying around the house or using every day. From Android to iOS, you can use any operating system to pair it via Bluetooth technology (great range and signal power). The sound via Bluetooth is amazing, never experienced any drops. Fortunately the sound stays the same wit the iPod 30-pin connector - still amazing signal is given out. The pin connector has a good design and gives enough room to fit most cases (even larger ones).

The unit comes with a basic remote control - some users argue it's not the best one SONY has put out; and what I mean by that is it's not 'standard', the buttons have odd placement and might take some time before getting used to. Also, the RDPX200iP has an aux in, but no cable included; although I don't find this very important, I think most people buy a speaker dock, because it's a speaker dock, period.

I consider this to be a great investment, and think the price is well worth it and can compete with any other similar unit. The easy setup and straight forward use make this a good fit for pretty much any user looking into enjoying music with ease.

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