Philips DC390/37 Alarm Clock Speaker Review

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The guys from Philips pretty much dominated the alarm clock speaker docks last, releasing a lot of product with multiple docking options and features. But the Philips DC390/37 Dual-Docking seems to be the crown jewel of their entire line of alarm clock speaker/docking station products, and one of my all time docking station favorites.

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Although this product was released on the market in the begging of last year (January 2012), it recently went on sale in most stores and a lot of people have been asking about it. The first time it was made available for purchase at Amazon was on January 2, 2012.

Since it's release I've seen a lot of great reviews written about it by common users and a lot of misleading reports written by tech savy guys. Basically, if you're a person who needs a great docking station, a music player and an alarm clock this is the perfect unit for you. Best suitable in a bedroom, the Philips DC390/37's features will satisfy a lot of needs.

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  • Auxiliary Input lets you connect an MP3 player
  • Philips app update issues

I guess the main feature people want to talk about when discussing this product's capabilities, is the dual-docking option this unit offers. Like I mentioned earlier, if you need a music player, speaker, alarm clock, docking station and charger in your bedroom, this is the unit for you. Its docking system allows you to connect your iPod, iPhone, or iPad so you can wake up to your favorite tune every morning. The great thing about it is that it automatically charges both your gadgets/devices as well. Although I would like to see Philips come up with similar docking stations compatible with a larger variety of products, this unit is still on my favorite docking station list.

Another important feature when it some to an alarm clock speaker is the actual alarm. And believe it or not, this unit has some cool feature when it comes to the alarm as well. The one feature I like is the dual alarm option, which allows you to set different alarms for weekends and weekdays. Another option that really stuck with me, is the fact that you can wake up to the sound of your favorite FM radios, or any tune stored on some of the docked devices you have charging over night. The Gentle wake is another great feature which gradually increases volume so you can wake up with ease without smashing your brand-new alarm clock. And to make sure you're never late again, Philips added the Automatic Sync (Auto clock synchronization) feature to this docking station, so every clock you look at during the day will show the exact some, correct time.

Although small, this unit comes with a big kick when it comes to sound. The total output power is only 10 watts, but the Philips DC390/37 Dual-Docking Alarm Clock Speaker comes with the DBB technology (Dynamic Bass Boost) which kicks the bass up a notch; and also comes with selectable EQ curves for your customized enjoyment. The entire package comes with a remote control that includes and operates all functions.

Basically, the sound is amazing for such a little device. As a clock radio it works amazing, the signals are strong and clear and you won't encounter any reception problems. Overall this is a great unit, and anyone that has a compatible device and needs a music player will love this one.

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