Panasonic SC-HC57 Audio System Review

Panasonic SC-HC57 Audio System Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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This Panasonic audio system was launched last year, back when I was only reviewing gaming headsets so I haven’t covered it on the website. Although it’s not such a high-performance unit or something really special, I like the way it looks and I like to think that some of my readers will benefit from the data I’ll report in this little article.

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The unit was launched in 2012, and it' still featured on the official Panasonic website in the Audio section. It was made available for purchase at Amazon on April 16, 2012, and it's currently available with a Six-Month Financing payment plan.

Basically this unit was developed for music listeners, people who enjoy streaming their favorite tunes from their favorite gadgets. The wide variety of streaming possibilities attracted a pretty large audience of all ages. It's modern, stylish look made this unit fit in with every ambient.

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  • Internet Radio Control
  • A perfect fit where space is limited
  • No Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The combines state-of-the-art sound technology with smart networking. When it comes to features, this unit doesn't lack in that department. Although compact, the unit provides the user with a countless options for streaming media. The unit allows you to Wirelessly stream music from your iTunes library. The music is streamed as lossless data, this way there will be no loss of sound quality from compression processes. Another great feature of this unit can easily be operated by simply tapping and flicking the device after installing a remote control app onto an iPhone or iPod touch. The USB slot will make it possible for you to stream MP3 music as well.

The Pure Direct Sound System technology the Panasonic SC-HC57 Audio System uses, will dramatically reduce the distortion that is usually generated by the reflection of sound from surrounding surfaces. The Direct-Vocal Surround feature will positions the sound signals amde by musical instruments in a surround configuration while placing the vocal sounds in a center-like atmosphere so you can enjoy a near-concenr experience. Don't expect miracles, this is still a little unit, but for the price and size this unit does a great job. The Nanosized Bamboo cone style speakers will reproduce clear, fresh natural tones with minimal to no distortion. The unit provides you with 2 Output Channels with a total power of 40W.

The audio system's slim body makes this the ideal unit if you want to set it up onto a shallow shelf or even mounting it to a wall. The unit is also designed to consume as little as power possible in order to conserve natural resources.

If you like stylish systems as much as I do, this unit can make a great fit for your bedroom of dining area. A slim, nice looking player which can be operated from your phone is a great way to play your favorite music without getting up each time you want to change the music. I totally recommend it with no doubt that you will enjoy this unit.

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