Outdoor Speaker Wire – You Don’t Have to Purchase The Expensive Stuff

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Outdoor speaker wire

So you’re ready to have the great experience of outdoor speakers. What are you supposed to do now? You have the speakers and the amplifier but something is missing. The thing that is missing is outdoor speaker wire.

Whenever you are looking for outdoor speaker wire I understand that you are trying to find the best of the best. No one wants to have to dig up their outdoor speaker wire because it has had some sort of malfunction. I can understand that easily enough.

Since you are looking for this wire I am going to suppose that you may be planning on having a party soon. Having music at an outdoor party is extremely fun. When you don’t have to set up a big boom box and have all that cord in the way it is much easier to enjoy your time at the party.

Parties aren’t the only time that outdoor speaker wire and outdoor speakers come in handy however. What about those romantic nights that you want to create?

All you need is a little mood music to go along with that beautifully decorated table and the carefully cooked dinner that you’ve set up and things are going to be running smoothly.

Outdoor speaker wire – too many choices

When you go looking for the wire to hook up your speakers in store you may find that you have a lot of different choices. There are many different brands that claim to be the best of the best but you need to make sure that you check them out real good. Many of the best outdoor speakers will still neglect to mention the fact that you need high quality wire to complete the job.

One of the best ways to check them out is simply through reading other customer’s reviews that they have posted online to help people just like you make the right decision on which outdoor speaker wire to buy.

Top picks and recommendations

Outdoor speaker wire - RCA AH14100SN 14 Gauge Speaker Wire

RCA AH14100SN 14 Gauge Speaker Wire

This RCA speaker wire has received very favorable reviews on Amazon. People praise it for delivering high sound quality and for being true 14 gauge wire.

It also has well marked polarity and is well insulated. It is high quality, copper wiring with a plastic covering and it won’t break the bank either.

This particular item is 100 ft long but you can also buy it in 50 feet lengths should you need something shorter.

RCA AH16100N 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

RCA AH16100R 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

This RCA 16 gauge speaker wire represents tremendous value for money. Priced at only around $15, many people have reported that they couldn’t tell the difference in sound quality between this and a much more expensive wire.

Polarity is clearly marked on the wire it the length is 100 ft. This speaker wire is not 100% suited to being outdoors but it would be fine for use under a patio or other similar enclosed area.


Link SW12G250Z Gauge Feet Speaker Wire

Link SW12G250Z Gauge Feet Speaker Wire

This speaker wire is more expensively priced at around $50, but for the money you do get 250 feet of high quality wire in a unique blue coating.

Polarity is marked on the wire and there are also 1 foot interval marks to help you measure it out.

While this wire is not 100% copper, it is actually copper-clad aluminum which while not designed for high intensity audio applications, is perfect for casual home use where you are not overly fussed with intricate details.

Buying guide and tips

You may already know that a standard speaker wire will have a make up of a combination of copper and aluminum and the best ones that you find will have a higher concentration of those ingredients. The best conductors which will result in the least amount of signal loss are the 100% copper wires.

When you see the burial grade wire you will find that it has special weatherproof coating that will allow it to function even when it is out in the rain, snow, heat and any other weather that may be thrown at it. The gauge usually will be heavier than that of standard speaker wire so that it will be even more durable.

Now that you know a little bit more about outdoor speaker wire you will be on the right road to making the best decision for your set up. Once you get everything put together you will be extremely glad that you took the time to get the right outdoor speaker wire.

Your friends will be impressed with what you have done and they will always enjoy coming over to your house to have a good time. You can be the go to house for entertainment once you get everything in working order and invite some friends over.

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