LG NB3730A Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer System Review

LG NB3730A Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer System Review, 2.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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Rating: 2.8/5 (6 votes cast)

The only reason I’m doing yet another soundbar system review, is that my readers are starting to shift focus towards the minimal and effective side of the audio equipment arena. And being the bright bunch they are (you are), I want them to make an informed decision; I don’t want them to regret a purchase, regretting a purchase equals a refund, a refund hurts both the user and developer. And so, I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of soundbar reviews this year; I for one have started to love them.

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The LG NB3730A Sound Bar system was recently released and its developers take pride within it and its features. Although higher-priced than other similar LG systems, I think this will become one of their most popular units. Made available for purchase at Amazon on March 1, 2013 it has a 5 star customer rating at the moment I'm writing this.

Most people looking to buy such a system are looking for a small/practical mean to enhance their TV watching experience and enjoy their movies at a whole new level. The LG does that for you, but adds some really great features to go with it.

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  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Great crisp-clear sound
  • Little tech specifications information for the buyer
  • Higher priced than other LG units

Great sound! Each and every big company offer great sound, some audiophiles might prefer one over another, but the normal user will enjoy almost any unit priced at this level. The technology has gone so far, that almost any buyer is interested in additional features to that great sound. And I'm going to start with those; streaming options being the first on every person's list. This LG unit comes with the possibility to hook it up to your Internet connection and access movies and TV shows, news with the highest HD quality, directly on your TV (no PC needed). You can do all this without the wire clutter, the integrated Wi-Fi will allow you to take advantage of the Internet without running cables through your house. Not only that but it also has some premium apps stored directly on it, which you can use to easily access movies, games and so forth; you can always search and add some more with LG apps feature. And above all, the technology that's coming back with even more popularity than before: Bluetooth. This will allow you to stream music directly from your devices, wirelessly with the touch of a button.

When it comes to sound, the LG NB3730A Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer System doesn't let you down. The unit is equipped with a HDMI Out that will allow you to hear your TV's audio through your AV speakers for higher/better sound experience. Some people have reported that they bought this unit for the funny apps, but most for the wireless subwoofer which is a great deal if you consider the price and quality ratio. People love because they can hide it anywhere in the room, without cables running around. I'll check other reviews for their sound experience feedback and report back.

One thing I know, is that most people like to wall mount their soundbar for optimal placement and sound; personally I don't like that. But for those who do like it, this unit is totally wall-mountable and comes included with a wall-mount bracket.

The unit will also come with a optical cord, for an even better sound quality. And that fact of the matter is, if someone loves LG, as a brand or developer and affords this soundbar unit, it's a good deal. Personally I would check it out, and perhaps wait a few months to see where the market is going; but definitely a choice to consider now and in the following months.

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