LG BH9431PW 1460W 3D Blu-Ray Theater System Review

LG BH9431PW 1460W 3D Blu-Ray Theater System Review, 3.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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Rating: 3.3/5 (6 votes cast)

Although I usually stay away from LG audio equipment and tend to opt for the high-ticket items, the great response my latest LG home theater system review had made me think twice about it. I recently reviewed a unit similar to the one we’re going to review today, the LG Electronics BH9230BW, and it proved my point exactly; if companies would focus half as much on advertising affordable items as they do with high-ticket units, more people would have access to quality home audio equipment (and companies would increase their sales).

LG Electronics released this unit in the first half of 2013, as we’re used to with affordable units, without any buzz or major media campaigns. At the moment I think you can buy this unit from your local retailer, or at least go out and test it there and see how it feels  for you. You can also pick it up from pretty much any online retailer, usually with a discounted price; the unit was made available for purchase at Amazon on March 1, 2013 and comes with a free shipping option. Although it hasn’t seen any real popularity so far, I know for sure that most people will highly praise it once they get their hands on it; still waiting for the first daily user reviews so I can back my claims up.

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Although very similar to the BH9230BW system, this unit comes with a few upgrades and improvement, yet sharing most of the features. It also comes with about $100 price increase, which I think it totally worth it if you can afford to spend it. Both have been available to purchase at Amazon on March 1, 2013, but none of them have seen huge sales spikes so far.

Personally I think the LG BH9431PW is a great addition to anyone's entertainment center/system. It's got some great features that can bring you close to your favorite music, movies and TV shows. Its compatibility and streaming options are really worth it when it comes to your personal enjoyment.

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  • 9.1 Channel Immersive Sound
  • Wireless Subwoofer System
  • No Bluetooth or AirPlay Wireless Technology

For example a feature I really like is the LG SMART TV; basically this features allows you to access thousands of movies, tracks and TV shows directly from your living room with a few touches of a button. The user interface is really "newbie-friendly" and easy-to-use for any level of user. The Built-In Wi-Fi feature will allow you to take advantage of full web access from any available Wi-Fi connection in its range. This gives a bundle of new streaming and customizing possibilities, to further enhance and personalize your home theater experience. And it does it all without the mess of cables and wires running through your living room.

As for audio performance, 1460 W of total power, this is delivered by tough Aramid fiber built speakers. Not only will it reproduce pure, natural sounds with minimal to no distortion, but it's also a high resistance fabric which makes it durable and helps produce a large variety of tones and sounds without wear and usage damage. The fabric is known for its use in bullet-proof vests, so basically not even bullets can stop these speakers to deliver great audio performance. And to further enhance your entire home theater experience this unit adds vertical speakers, and upgrade the entire setup to a 9.1 channel immersive sound producing machine. This feature upgrade your typical 5.1 channel home theater system envelopes you in sound from almost every angle. And to make everything even more convenient, the LG BH9431PW is equipped with Wireless Subwoofer System so you can easily install and manage your entire speaker setup clutter-free.

The disc player this unit is equipped with will let you enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies in absolute Full HD 1080p. The unit also supports standard Blu-ray Discs in high definition and can upscale DVDs to a near HD quality. And for easier device/hardware management this unit is DLNA Certified so it can work together with any compatible devices. This way you can build a digital network and manage everything together like a well orchestrated concert.

I know a lot of people contest the fact that I recommend this unit without a doubt in my mind and with no hesitation whatsoever. But I really want to see more people enjoy the latest features on the audio equipment market without having to take up a loan. This unit offers you great sound and features would probably have to pay 5-10 times more in order to get with other audio systems. Recommended with no doubt that any user who picks this up will get their money's worth and some.

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