Killer Concepts Rocksteady XS V1.5 Review

Killer Concepts Rocksteady XS V1.5 Review, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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Rating: 4.3/5 (3 votes cast)

Looks like I’ll start this week by reviewing yet another portable speakers; people just can’t get enough of them. From average buyers to audiophiles I keep getting all kinds of requests.

This brand is not something I’m very familiar with, I just remember the Killer Concepts Rocksteady XS coming out last October and receiving some decent feedback from all kind of users. And when XS V1.5 came out, I got a lot of requests from a variety of people asking me to take a look at it – I’m sorry to report I have not, BUT I know a lot of people who did, and I’m reporting back to you.

“ The sound quality and volume are incredible from such a small speaker. ” – this is just something that stuck with me and made me think this is a unit worth investigating.


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The unit was first made available for purchase at Amazon recently, on June 1, 2013. And although it hasn't really matured on the market yet, it has a 5.0 out of 5 stars user rating from a couple of different people. I only feel this popularity going up this summer once people start enjoying it outdoors.

Lightweight and loud - this unit will surely be a popular one within outdoorsy people sooner than Killer Concepts hoped for. I see a lot of great review from people who tested the crap out of it out in the nature or in their back yard, and this makes me think the unit will be nothing but perfect for these kind of people.

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  • USB Port for MP3 Playback
  • Portable speakerphone feature
  • Shorter range Bluetooth connection

The first thing I have to address is the amount of "noise" this tiny unit can deliver. This unit is loud, and I do mean loud for its size. This portable Bluetooth speaker is definitely loud enough to use in any situation, and clear enough to play your music with little to no distortion at higher volumes than most similar speakers. "Bass is amazing for size." - said one user, while I tend to agree with him after all the praises some of my reviewing buddies told me. Nobody seemed to complain about loudness and the bass power; matter of fact some even said they had to turn it down several times when using it in their backyard or garage. All this, combined with the free distortion feature leaves me thinking the unit is worth it in terms of sound and feel no reason this Killer Concepts speaker should be discarded as an option for anyone looking to buy a portable unit. Also, as a "bonus" the Killer Concepts Rocksteady XS V1.5 has a built-in mic that allows you to use use the Rock steady XS as a portable speakerphone.

All right, now let's get on with the streaming options which I know for a fact will make or break a deal in 2013 when it comes to sound equipment. First off, Bluetooth - the thing everyone seemed to forget a couple of years ago, and yet came back on everybody's wishlist. This feature allows you to play your tunes directly from your gadget and devices, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. Another streaming option with a twist is the USB port. When I say with a twist I mean it also charges your gadget while streaming content from it. You can also enjoy this feature by plugging-in a USB thumb-drive to play MP3 files.

All of the above combined with a high quality Lithium Ion battery, giving you over 10 hours of play time, and of course its portability (fits in a purse) make this unit a great bargain for everyone looking to enjoy their favorite music when out of the house. Either on a nice day at the park with the family or out polishing your bike rims, I'm pretty sure this unit will offer you enough sound.

It has every basic feature you would look for in a portable speaker, and above those, the Killer Concepts Rocksteady XS V1.5 is really sturdy offering you that peace of mind we all need when taking out audio equipment out in the world. Definitely worth the price (check link below for details).

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