Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II Overview

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II Overview, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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A lot of people have been asking me why I don’t present/review higher-end audio equipment like I did last year and before that; well, it’s simple, I like to present quality, affordable audio equipment so more people can have access to great sound delivery in their home and thus creating a great online community. But, because the new edition of the¬†Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II came out, and a lot of people made a big fuss about it I will overview the product.

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The Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II has been available for sale at most online and offline retailers probably since 2006, but recently on April 1, 2013 the new edition Titanium Silver has been made available for purchase at Amazon.

This unit is definitely only for those that like to spend absurd amounts of money on their home audio equipment without regards or price-performance ratio.

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  • All-in-one large rooms and outdoor spaces music system
  • High priced

Now, please don't get me wrong. This is an amazing piece of audio equipment, and it's definitely one of the best sounding music systems of its era - but, since then, there have been made a lot of (audio) technological advances that made great performance available at lower prices. If you would ask me, this unit is worth the insane price, but overall, you can get a lot better for this price (even at Bose). I guess the really great lifelike sound for larger spaces really gets people excited about this unit. Its simplicity in form, design and usage is making people pay the extra price just to have it simply "working". The audio performance is still delivered by the all acclaimed waveguide speaker technology which still lies at the core of this system's amazing audio performance.

The Bose digital platform will fine tune the sound for a more accurate, consistent music reproduction, this work at louder volume levels than most systems will leaving the vocals cleaner and instruments "truer". Making this an overall natural, "live-performance" music setting experience. A headphone jack is present for private listening sessions and auxiliary inputs for versatility. An updated informational display helps you operate the unit's functionality. As you can see the audio performance, versatility and simplicity is not something this unit lacks, what baffles me is the lack of price decrease over the years.

As for streaming options, besides the auxiliary inputs the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II plays home-burned CDs as well as regular discs and AM/FM radio. The unit is easily controlled from across any room with the help of a credit card-sized remote.

Even though it rivals the sound of much larger, more complicated stereos in my opinion this unit's glory days are in the past; remember, not because of its performance, but because of its price. Overall this is a sturdy, high-quality unit, and some CEO from a major company will definitely benefit from this unit's imposing look and fame in their office. But for a household, I suggest you take a look at other lower priced, similar units before making such a decision.

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